23 marzo, 2017

Motivation: the basis of the change

Knowing what we are eager to get and find will make us strive to the utmost which is essential to achieve our goals.
6 marzo, 2017

Interval training, perfect fat burner

Combina actividad a máxima y media intensidad que, realizada en 15-20 min, mantiene activo al organismo durante horas
31 enero, 2017

Why work with a personal trainer?

Si estás buscando un entrenador personal en Madrid, te desvelamos las principales ventajas
20 enero, 2017

Top 10 habits for a healthy feel good life

Discover the advice the experts at Reto48 have, the in style method in Madrid that includes high intensity functional training.
2 agosto, 2016

Full training, the functional training, this seasons trend

Exercising regularly has beneficial effects not only in the physical realm, but also in the mental