entrenamiento funcional

4 mayo, 2017

The importance of muscle warming prior to exercising

Es importante recordar la importancia que tiene el calentamiento antes de comenzar cualquier actividad deportiva, independientemente del tipo de deporte.
10 abril, 2017

Top tips to get in shape before summer

Discover the tips to get in shape before the summer from the experts at Reto48, the IN method in Madrid that includes functional high-intensity training.
9 febrero, 2017

Functional training is In, did you already know what?

Si quieres poner a punto cuerpo y mente, te damos respuesta a las principales preguntas que rodean al entrenamiento funcional. ¡Súmate!
20 enero, 2017

Top 10 habits for a healthy feel good life

Discover the advice the experts at Reto48 have, the in style method in Madrid that includes high intensity functional training.
12 septiembre, 2016

How to recuperate after functional training

Descubre una serie de Consejos de Recuperación Funcional que permitirán sentirte más enérgico y listo para el siguiente entrenamiento.
6 septiembre, 2016

Nutritional Coach, the most personalized sports nutrition program in Madrid

Conoce Nutritional Coach, el programa de Nutrición Deportiva personal de RETO 48 que dura las 8 semanas de entrenamiento funcional.
2 agosto, 2016

Full training, the functional training, this seasons trend

Exercising regularly has beneficial effects not only in the physical realm, but also in the mental
17 junio, 2016

Introducing Reto48 communication tools

RETO48, the new sports brand that, following its launch in Spain, presents the various communication tools on which it relies:
16 junio, 2016

Presentation of Reto48, a new philosophy that combines physical training and mental wellbeing

Today, Thursday June 16th the presentation of Reto48 has taken place during a press conference to a variety of national media as well as regional and specialized.